Helen Pettifer

Helen Pettifer is a leading authority on vulnerable customer issues and training.
Working with regulated organisations, across all sectors, helping them develop an awareness and understanding of their vulnerable customers, especially those experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Drawing on personal experience, industry insights and conversations with those directly impacted, Helen is committed to doing all she can to reduce the number of people who feel they’re out of options and can’t carry on living.

Ellice Whyte

Ellice is a business psychologist with further training in counselling and education.

Business psychology is the study of improving working life, creating healthy, productive, and mutually beneficial relationships between people and organisations.

Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion per year and Ellice is dedicated to minimising the impact of mental ill-health in the workplace. helping all employees thrive at work.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown considered he was living a ‘normal life’, until his son, aged 22, took his own life in early 2020. Suddenly, his ‘normal existence’, became anything but. He now focuses on supporting companies with their neurodiversity and mental health approaches, using his suicide experience to make it a very personal story.

Exploring mental health issues surrounding suicide, Chris is the author of the podcast “My Argument with Grief”, where he tries to unpick why it happened, and share his every day with those going through a similar loss and find a way to reach out to young people with relatable anguish in their own lives.

David Murphy

David has a passion to support those experiencing suicidal thoughts driven by early personal experience of suicide.

Having spent several years as a Listener for the Samaritans, directly supporting people in crisis, he more recently co-created a multi-award winning service that directly supports many people with poor mental health and suicidal thoughts (where problem debt is a complicating factor).

David is now excited to be using his personal and professional experience to help WASP achieve its mission.