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Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

*** Warning: This article explores the topic of death ***   In 2019, 5,691 suicides were registered in England and Wales. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has yet to release the 2020 figures, but the impact of the pandemic is expected to have taken its toll. ONS data on moderate to severe depression was […]

Is There a Correlation Between Occupation and Suicide?

A career should make the best use of our skills, provide opportunities for development and give us a degree of job satisfaction. We expect challenges, deadlines and demanding customers and can usually cope with periods of stress. With a strong team, appreciation and fair remuneration, we ride the storm and revel in the successes. There […]


“Thank you for the suicide prevention policy, we are in the early stages of implementation. We realise it was something we needed, but lacked the confidence to drive it…” – Rachel

Personal Lived Experience

With his personal experience of suicide bereavement, Chris actively campaigns for suicide prevention charities and openly shares his story to support others and raise awareness. In this media article, he describes the lessons which can be learnt from his family’s tragic loss. https://www.nationalworld.com/health/chris-browns-son-ben-took-own-life-battling-prevent-more-student-suicides-3716725

Meaningful Connections Improve Physical & Mental Health

Across cultures and generations, one of the core human needs is connection. We thrive through interaction with others and the sense of belonging and contributing to a collective. When we have insufficient meaningful connections, the result is loneliness. The focus of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 is loneliness, so let’s explore the causes, outcomes and […]