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Identifying Locations Frequently Used for Suicides

It is estimated that a third of suicides occur outside a private home or building. This opens up the opportunity to put measures in place for last-minute intervention. In this article, we explore the benefits of identifying frequently used locations, to target resources where they can have the greatest impact. Not The Last Stop Back […]

Supporting Those Who Are Bereaved by Suicide

Saturday 18 November is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. An opportunity to show greater compassion and understanding to the loved ones who are grieving. We share ideas on how your organisation can mark the occasion. Survivors of Suicide Devastation and heartbreak are two emotions associated with death. They can be particularly strong for those […]

A Little Bird Told Me to Watch This Video

It’s widely known that canaries helped to prevent the death of miners in the pits. Now, Norwich City Football team, affectionally called the Canaries, are doing their bit to prevent unnecessary deaths. Detecting Harm Back in the 1800s, miners would carry canaries in small boxes as they headed into the pit for work. This was […]

Office Banter or Bullying at Work?

When people complain about workplace bullying, it is sometimes disregarded as office banter. Is it a case that people can’t take a joke or is there more to the story? Failing to deal with reports of bullying negatively impacts both the individual and the team. Data shows that the risk of suicide death or attempt […]

Should the HSE Investigate Work-related Suicides?

For regulatory compliance, UK businesses must complete workplace risk assessments and put measures in place to reduce risks of injury and death. These focus on physical health, yet, we believe it should extend to mental health too. At present, there is no requirement for businesses to record any information about workplace suicides and they are […]

National Suicide Prevention: A Strategy is Not Enough

Back in 2012, ‘Preventing Suicide in England: A Cross Government Outcomes Strategy to Save Lives’ was published. Since then, local authorities were required to create multi-agency suicide plans and funding was allocated to support these plans. However, this money is running out and if not replaced, it could bring actions to a halt. Supporting Suicide […]

Nurses Need Better Interventions

Nurses and other frontline medical staff have taken a stance over working conditions and pay. In a series of strikes, they want to bring attention to issues that are impeding their ability to treat and care for patients. Insight shows that the current pressures in the NHS are putting other lives at risk, including that […]

Should Suicide Awareness be Compulsory?

The leading cause of death in males and females aged 5 to 34 years is intentional self-harm. This is according to ONS data* on the UK population. That is a shocking fact and yet, suicide and self-harming are subjects not widely discussed in schools, colleges, universities or workplaces. Three Dads are hoping to change this. […]

Look Out for Someone this Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving, but that doesn’t have to mean presents. Your time is precious and giving your time to someone else is a great gift. Could you commit to looking out for someone who may find the festivities difficult? We’re Not all Living the Christmas Dream Marketing companies would have us believe […]